1. How to join ReadersNode community ?

All you need is just to register yourself on the ReadersNode and you are all set to  explore the world of ReadersNode.

  1. Can I search a book or share a book without registering?

No. You need to register yourself  first on ReadersNode, then only you can avail these features.

  1. What is Suggested Reading?

Suggested Reading is the section of ReadersNode where we provide the list of books recommended by renowned personalities, newspapers & Magazines.


  1. What is a club?

ReadersNode recognizes a ‘Club’ as a  group of readers who read and share books. Forming a club on ReadersNode will help such groups to organise their activities in an efficient and interactive way to further enrich their reading experience.

  1. How to register a club?

Any reading group can register as a club with at least one member of the group as admin. Admin(s) will be representative of the respective Club to ReadersNode. Admin then needs go to the ‘Browse Clubs’ tab given on left menu. At the bottom of the page, click on  ‘Create  Club’ ,  enter all the required details and you are ready to go.


  1. What is “admin” of a club?

Admin will be a member of the club who represents the club and holds responsibility for proper functioning of the club. Many of the key decisions regarding the club will be taken by him with the consent of other members of the club.

  1. What are the roles and responsibilities of admin(s) of a club?

They will manage the users, Club Bookshelf, book issuance details, requests by the user for new books. They will post updates or changes regarding anything related to their respective Clubs.

  1. How can I register as a member for any particular club?

           You can request to be added as a club member by using “Join Club” option from  

that club’s page. You can go to any Club’s page from the Browse Clubs given in left menu.

  1. Can I be a member of more than one club?

Yes, you can be member of more than one club.

  1. What is the process of issuing a book?

Club members can request the book by “Request Book” option from the dialog box which comes after clicking any book. Once your request is approved by admin, the book will be issued to the requested user by following the respective Club’s processes which may vary from club to club.

  1. What is “Add book to wishlist” in the club means?

Users can  request for a new book to be added to the clubs bookshelf. When a user adds a book, it needed to be verified by admin. Once verified, users can upvote/downvote that request and the club can decide accordingly.

  1. What is upvote/downvote option?

Members of the Club will give their view on the request by using upvote/downvote option. Club can decide accordingly.

  1. How can I see my Check In/Check Out detail of books?

The details will come under CheckIn/Out tab in Club Page menu.

  1. How can I know the details of the book?

Clicking on the book will open a dialog box that contains all the relevant details of the book.

  1. How can I know whether any particular book is available or not?

Clicking on the book will open a dialog box that will show whether the book is available for issue or not.

Club Admin

  1. Who is the admin of the Club?

Admin of a Club is a person who is the representative of the Club and who is responsible for all the communication with ReadersNode on behalf of the Club.

  1. How can I manage details of Club?

Admin can manage all the details of the Club from ‘Mange’ given on Club Page. Below are the different menu under Manage -

  1. Manage Updates

  2. Manage Club Information

  3. Books

  4. Wishlist

  1. Club Members

  2. Book Requests

  3. Update Facebook Link

My Bookshelf

  1. What is my Bookshelf?

My Bookshelf is a user’s page where the books are added by them for sharing, selling, renting is displayed.

  1. How to create my bookshelf ?

You need to register first on ReadersNode website. Once you are registered, by default, your bookshelf will be created with no book.

  1. How to add a book to my shelf ? How can I add detail regarding sharing, renting, selling?

In dashboard, “Add Book to Shelf” option given in top right side of the page which will forward you to Add a Book Page, you are required to fill all the details regarding sharing, renting and selling.

  1. How to delete a book from my shelf ?

Click on the book you want to delete from your Bookshelf and then delete the book using ‘Delete’ from the dialog box.

  1. How to share books on my Bookshelf with others ?

Users just need to add the books on their shelf. Others user will find their book when they search for it. Users can also share their Bookshelf or new book added to Bookshelf on their social network.

  1. Who can see my shelf on the website ?

Every registered user of ReadersNode will be able to see/visit your bookshelf.

Book sharing

  1. How to search for a specific book by title/author ?

Go to “Search Book” page and input the required details for the search. In advanced search option you can search in other institutes too. By default, the search is within your institute and locality.

  1. How can I browse books available for sharing ?

You can browse books within the selected institute from the search book page genre-wise.

  1. How can I request a book from another user available for sharing ?

Clicking on a book from the searched results will direct you to the page showing all the shelves having that book. You can check out all the shelves and request the book by clicking on ‘Request Book’ from any shelf you want. It will automatically send the message to the person.